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Financial Solutions: ^

Long term growth depends of the availability and effective utilization of funds for any enterprise. Trutone aims to provide long term sustainable financial solutions to the business groups based on their individual requirements.

We offer a wide range of financial solutions including the following:

- Analysis & Assessment of Financial Structure
- Corporate Tax Planning
- Financial Restructuring & arranging finances
- Project Financing
- Investment planning
- DPR Preparation
- Development & Implementation of Accounting Systems
- Development & Implementation of Cost & Financial Management Systems
- Linkages with government schemes and incentives.

Human Resource Solutions: ^

HR plays a very vital role in the success of an organization. HR function has enriched itself, over the years, by including within it a development dimension and thus moved from a reactive and maintenance oriented function to a proactive, path breaking, development oriented function.

We offer a wide range of HR solutions including the following:

- Process Study: Process study informs about the current health of your organisation – has it been weakened from late restructurings or management changes or is it fit for new challenges? What are the critical issues that influence your particular organisation and what are the most relevant cures for improving its health conditions?

- Hiring manpower at the different levels for the organization.

- Hiring international professionals and experts for organizations.

- Hiring of Apprentice and other trainees for different work areas of the organizations form top educational institutes, universities etc.

- Performance Management systems: Performance management includes activities to ensure that goals are consistently being met in an effective and efficient manner. Employee Performance management focuses on the performance of employees.

- Ethics Management Systems: Is concerned with ensuring good corporate ethics in organizations.

- Integrated HR Management Systems: provide a combination of HR services such as HR management, payroll and time management

- Recruitment of Senior Professionals.

- HR Outsourcing: These include Payroll administration (producing checks, dealing with sick time and vacations), employee benefits (Health, Medical, Life insurance, cafeteria, etc), human resource management (hiring and firing, background interviews, exit interviews and wage reviews), risk management (workers’ compensation, dispute resolution, safety inspection, office policies and handbooks) and others.

Marketing Solutions: ^

We offer a wide range of marketing solutions including the following:

- Development of marketing strategies and plans.
- Conducting marketing research and Forecasting Demand.
- Creating Customer Value, Satisfaction and Loyalty.
- Identifying Market Segments and Targets.
- Building Strong Brands.
- Dealing with Competition.
- Defining the marketing mix.
- Managing Retailing, Wholesaling and Logistics.
- Managing Communication: Sales Promotion, Events, Public Relations etc.

Supply Chain Management Solutions: ^

We offer a wide range of Supply Chain management solutions including the following:

- Assessment of basic structure and finding of gaps.
- Recommendations based on the peculiar industry features.
- Purchase and warehousing planning.
- Controlling movement of goods.
- Just in time manufacturing.
- Innovations in Logistics.
- Implementation of Effective Multi Modal Transport System.
- Elimination of unproductive movement.

Research And Development: ^

Research and Development is the key ingredient of long term success and the focus is to initiate and motivate clients to adopt analytical mind set and promote research and development. We work in close circuit with clients to adopt R&D practices by assisting them as under:

- Initiating R&D efforts.
- Motivating mind set to analysis.
- Efforts to innovate new product and improvement in processes.
- Providing linkages with agencies and technical institutes who promote R&D.
- Connecting innovations with incentives.
- Putting checks and controls.
- Linkages with government schemes and incentives.

Corporate Social Responsibility: ^

CSR is a very much part of corporate strategy for the leading business houses. CSR actions needs to be effective and must be controlled so that the outcome is as per the expectorations. We help you to design and successfully implement your CSR initiatives with the following means:

- Understanding the management perception and philosophy to CSR.
- Designing the CSR strategy and objectives.
- Implement the CSR programs effectively.
- Controlling and measuring the outcome analytically.
- Strengthening the Organization commitment.

Process Mapping: ^

We offer a wide range of process mapping solutions including the following:

- Current process mapping and recommendations
- Process documentation and preparation of process modules
- Preparation of training modules


The not for profit organizations need a good support to achieve effectiveness in their efforts. We provide a wide range of services for the not for profit segment which includes:

- Objective and target setting
- Preparation of projects and reports for fund raising
- Linking with government and private sector schemes and incentives
- Scheduling and implementation of projects
- Controlling and recording of the effectiveness
- Training and support on fund raising techniques
- Preparation of Training Modules



We provide trainings and conduct seminars and workshops related to various Management issues. Some of the topics and issues are as under:-

1. Management Basics (Planning, Organizing, Staffing, Directing & Controlling)
2. Management Information System
3. Brand Building
4. Calculative Risk taking
5. Sales Forecasting: Core of future planning
6. Budgeting for growth
7. Target Setting
8. Decision making process
9. Effective Supply chain management
10. Stress management
11. Importance of Feedback
12. Co-operation and Coordination
13. Manpower planning
14. Authority, Responsibility and Accountability
15. Foreign trade (Import/ Export)
16. Multi modal Transport Approach
17. Globalization v/s Liberalization
18. Business Environment
19. Communication
20. Ethics & Values
21. Corporate Social Responsibility
Apart from the above mentioned topics we conduct training sessions and seminars on a large number of Management issues.


We help organizations to comply with the standards and attain different certifications and ratings as under:

- ISO Standard Certifications.
- Credit Rating consulting.


Organizations across the world are still running on the traditional methodologies and patterns. Asian countries are still lingering behind in terms of efficient and productive ways of manufacturing and there is a lot of redesigning required in the overall business processes of the organizations. The traditional functional formats need to be redesigned based on the current and future prospects which help to increase the efficiency and quality output.

Trutone helps to map out the current business design and rearrange the options by removing the unproductive movements. The focus is to reduce the unnecessary movements, actions and try to attain a zero defect process. We help the organizations to understand their future requirements in terms of output and capacity and help to lay down the strategic path to attain the objectives.


We offer a variety of other services including:

- Talent building by mentoring and counseling students, trainees etc.
- Promoting Responsible Tourism.
- Development of Rural Markets.

Management Basics (Planning, Orgnizing)
Staffing, Directing & Controlling
Management Information System
Brand Building
Calculative RIsk taking
Management Basics (Planning, Orgnizing, Staffing, Directing & Controlling)
Management Information System
Brand Building
Calculative RIsk taking
Building for growth
Management Basics
Management Information System
Brand Building
Calculative RIsk taking
Building for growth
Management Basics
Management Information
Brand Building
Calculative RIsk taking
Building for growth
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